WHAT AUSTRALIAN MEN WANT, and the little blue pill

Well, we think they want convenience, reliability, price, and quality.  That’s pretty much a staple criterion when buying anything online or face to face, including blue pills.

Unfortunately, men do experience erectile dysfunction, whether it’s regularly or intermittently. While this condition affects Aussies males physically and emotionally.

What we did discover was a recent online Facebook survey by EDcure https://www.facebook.com/edcureaustralia/?modal=admin_todo_tour.  The survey attracted the following;

Question: Do you think generic medications are equal or inferior?

VOTE Yes for equal, No for inferior.

Reach: 2619

Respondents: 140

RESULTS: 76% said YES

It is interesting to discover the survey resulted in 76% of Australian men preferred generic Viagra, Cialis, and the likes.

Unfortunately, the survey did not delve into the why of the 24% of men that said no. Also, this could possibly be simply due to having a poor experience online. But it was very encouraging to discover (although a small sample). Overwhelmingly Australian men agreed that generic ED pills are just as good as their brand name counterparts.

So what we did next

We engaged an independent specialist to evaluate erectile dysfunction generic medication websites (who claimed they are Australian-based).  So these are the websites that sell Suhagra, Tadarise, Tadacip, and Kamagra in many formats such as pills, tablets, jelly, and soft tabs, it’s amazing to the plethora of varieties.

Who’s the best for generic Viagra & Cialis Australia?

Blue PillsDrum roll…….

We’ve road-tested Australia’s best websites to buy medications

Our aim was to provide an unbiased report on the best websites to purchase generic erectile dysfunction medications.

What we deduced was, that many spruik are Australian and indeed are not, it was easy to eliminate the imposters.  We scoured the internet and concluded very few online pharmacies offering generic medications, directly imported from overseas were Australian.

To test the waters, we purchased from the four remaining websites that seemed to be Australian-based.

Here are our criteria on who made the cut of best online pharmacy;

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Internet Safety
  • Integrity
  • Shipping
  • Safe Payment Gateway
  • Cheaper than mainstream pharmacies or chemist warehouses

How we eliminated the others;

  • Bogus ABN or ACN quoted
  • Bogus phone numbers
  • Quantity of pills available for order. In Australia according to the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration), it is legal to import up to 90 days’ supply with a prescription, for personal use.
  • Those without an SSL certificate can be easily identified by a url beginning with HTTPS.
  • Checkout procedure, those dealing in Bitcoins or Western Union.
  • Product quality, those not dealing with ISO9001 accredited offshore pharmaceutical companies.
  • Did not quote prices in Australian Dollars only.

Who we chose to buy generic medications from in Australia

There were four stand out websites, that we consider are reputable and safe to buy generic erectile dysfunction medications from in Australia;

  • www.ozpills.com
  • www.ozmedsonline.com
  • www.ozmedsdirect.com
  • www.vialismeds.com

We could not find any correlation with the ‘OZ’ guys!

We placed two test orders with each website to ensure our sample was sound.

Test Orders Price including Delivery Generic Viagra and Cialis Australia

The Verdict

All four online pharmacy websites were exemplary.  Our orders were;

  • Delivered on time by Australia Post
  • Discreetly packaged
  • Quality products that worked

Best Quality Erectile Dysfunction Medication Australia

All tested were equal in quality, shelf life, and safe packaging.

Cheapest Price 

This is where the real disparity lies, with Oz Pills nearly 100% more expensive than that of its rivals.  Possibly the reason for this could be they are well established and rely on repeat orders as they declared they have some thirty thousand customers.  Oz Meds Direct also is fairly well established and offer a much fairer price point.  The remainder of Oz Meds Online and Vialis Meds are new players in the market and price may well be their tactic to secure market share.

Cheapest Shipping

Whilst there were no significant price differences in EMS shipping by Australia Post.  What did impact on the consumer outcome was the FREE shipping threshold? Also, Oz Meds Online and Vialis Meds both offered generous ‘orders over $99AUD’ and received free shipping, whereas Oz Meds Direct’s threshold was $150AUD and Oz Pills a whopping $224.38AUD!

Products Available

Oz Pills and Vialis Meds offered a wider range of both in generic formats ranging from pills, soft tabs, oral jelly, etc.  Oz Pills did not differentiate between different strains of their products such as Tadora, Tadacip, Cenforce, , Kamagra Oral Jelly, the list goes on.


Three offered online checkout using major credit cards. While Oz Meds Direct did not have this facility. So we perceived this as a negative to the consumer as direct debit does not offer the normal security of the major credit cards. Also, It impacts on expediting your order whilst waiting for funds to clear. While we also wondered why they were not eligible to offer this feature to their clients.

We announce the Winner!

There were few differences between all four tested and importantly. Also, we have confidence in buying again as they all offered good products, service, and communication.

Although it was a close race, overall www.vialismeds.com and www.ozmedsonline.com outshone.


  • Price point
  • Free shipping threshold on orders

More about the participants

All men that took part in the testing of our online orders had been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. And also had a prescription from their medical doctor. Moreover, they were aged between 32 and 68 years and had previously used the brand names . And of the seven respondents, all were happy to use generic medications moving forward.

What’s the Alternative?

In Australia, it is difficult and inconvenient for men to purchase online and in person. Even once they have procured a prescription.

We took into consideration a few aspects and used Chemist Warehouse as part of this case study. Whilst we agree Chemist Warehouse is a great company and does not make the laws. While this is not a slur on their reputation.

Viagra 100mg

Twelve tablets cost $38.94 including postage, with the maximum quantity available for purchase twenty-four.  When amortized they were more expensive than all four online companies we trialed. Also, to purchase you would have to perform two transactions to buy a similar quantity. And then you would need to produce your prescription to Australia Post to enable your order to be released, how embarrassing!

Cialis 20mg

Eight tablets cost $210.00 including postage, outrageous!  Yes that is $27.50 per pill or you could simply purchase ninety for $2475.00AUD, this is not a typo. Also with a maximum of sixteen pills available for purchase in one transaction, this would mean six orders, six post office visits, and in excess of $2000.00 AUD lighter in your pocket.


Erectile dysfunction is a sensitive problem for men of all ages and does not discriminate.  It impacts men physically and emotionally.  For men with this condition, we firmly believe that there is little need for medications that assist them being out of reach for so many due to their price.

Until then online pharmacies like the ones we reviewed are a safe, affordable option when taken in consultation with your medical practitioner.

*All information correct at time of publishing.

Although OzMeds Online was not the outright winner, we were extremely proud with the result debatably a tie.

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