Shipping Policy

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COVID-19 Update

Revised as of 28th April 2021

India has been dramatically affected by the virus.  All imports placed from the 26th April, 2021 will be shipped ex Singapore.  Wait times may be erratic, generally within 28 days.  All orders will be provided a tracking link via and no customers will be left ‘out of pocket’.


Revised as of 6th August, 2020.

Ordering from Oz Meds Online requires validation at checkout that you have read and agree to this shipping policy.  In turn we have simplified this policy so it is easy reading.

Customers who placed an order pre the 6th August may experience longer delays of 4-8 weeks, as per our shipping policy at time of order.

I’ve placed an order, what is the next step?

  1. You will receive a confirmation email whilst your order is processing (payment confirmation).
  2. Once payment is confirmed, you will receive a tracking email. Your tracking email may not show progress for up to five (5) days during COVID-19.  The delay is due to lack of flights and the recent changes to exports from India.
  3. The tracking link you receive is the most up to date source for ascertaining the progress of your order. This is the best and fastest way to keep a track of your order.

How long will my order take to reach Australia?

  1. This can take up to four weeks due to your order originating from India via India Post, then the wait for being allocated to a flight.
  2. Once your order arrives in Australia it needs to clear customs.
  3. The next step is your order is distributed to Australia Post, it is then routed to a distribution centre. This is normal Australia Post procedure.

What if I do not see progress with my order?

  1. At times this can occur, it is generally due to lack of scanning and human error. This does not mean your order is not on its way.

What happens if my order is lost or not received?

  1. This is a rare occurrence, at times this is due to customers changing address, Aust Post delivering to the incorrect address.
  2. IF, it is deemed to be the consignee’s error eg. Wrong address provided your order will be reshipped to you at your expense for postage of $19.00 AUD only.
  3. In the case of Oz Meds Online error or even Australia Post or other shipping means, your order will be replaced, free of charge.

Important to note

  1. IF, you are a repeat customer, you may have experienced super-fast service and delivery in the past. And, in turn have the same expectation.  During COVID-19 thing may change overnight that are far beyond our control.  Examples include the local laws in the consignor’s country ie India.  Or local laws in the consignor’s country ie Australia.

We request your patience and understanding in these situations that are far beyond’s control.  We are all impacted by COVID-19.

  1. You will receive what you paid for. Please feel free to contact us anytime IF your tracking is not moving OR an excessive wait in receiving your order.
  2. Due to COVID-19 we are updating our shipping policy as changes occur, and reserve the right that these changes may impact on your time of ordering.

A note of thanks

To our loyal customer base, thank you for your continued support and patience during these unprecedented times.

We assure you that as a genuine, ethical service your investment will not be compromised.  Unfortunately, through no control at times you may feel or experience inconvenience due to delays.  Our essence is helping men with erectile health.


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