Why Generics

Australians are very comfortable with being offered generic medications these days.  Every reputable pharmacy now asks when you present a script “if you would like the generic equivalent?”  Interestingly, mostly these generic erectile dysfunction medications come from India.

The good news is, they work and the generic alternatives save you a lot of coin.  That’s precisely what OZMEDS Online offer you, the gateway to importation, great savings and convenience.

Facts about Generic Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

We all know the marketplace is saturated with brand names and “patented” drugs. Name’s like Viagra and Cialis, originally developed by big pharmaceutical companies. Through advertising, they provide the illusion that they are bigger and better. But is this really true? Or just marketing propaganda?

So we ask you this…..Why then do our doctors and pharmacists offer us a generic alternative?

We think you know the answer, however, just in case it’s not obvious to you too, we’ll explain why our doctors and pharmacists trust and recommend generic medicines such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and the likes.


  • They are safe
  • Also, we manufacture them under the same strict guidelines as brand-name manufacturers
  • They contain the same active ingredients
  • Moreover, they are equally as effective as their brand-name counterparts
  • They are approved by the TGA or FDA depending on where you are in the world
  • They cost less, providing you with an affordable solution for erectile dysfunction

Essentially, unless you don’t want to make substantial savings or have rocks in your head, it’s a no-brainer as to why you would choose generic medications every time!


You ask. It is simple to explain, just in bullet point format, we know you’ll get it!

  1. Research and development have already been achieved by big pharma. So simply they carbon copy. No huge costs involved. Less overheads, so you are the winner.
  2. Now we are not saying big pharma hasn’t invested a lot of money in developing these fine drugs, not just for erectile dysfunction but across the board. Often, and typically patents expire after 17 years. So during that time, big pharma has indeed more than covered the research and development that initially took place.

So, please don’t feel sorry for them. Remember your bank account, your health and your lifestyle. Put yourself first!

Fortunately, in Australia as long as you have a prescription, the law allows you to import up to 90 ED pills for personal use, legally! These laws may in time change due to big pharma’s efforts in disallowing websites’ that assist you with personal importation.

But, alas until that time comes, enjoy the health benefits that thanks to them you can now afford.

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