TeleHealth 2020

telehealth 2020What Exactly is Tele Health?

TeleHealth has been around for some time now.  Essentially it provides patients access to doctors and medical practitioners conveniently usually by phone, Skype or Zoom.  Since the COVID-19 pandemic Tele Health is gaining popularity by necessity, and with certainty reduces the risk of contamination.

What Are the Benefits of Tele Health?

TeleHealth is not a one size fits all solution for arm chair health.  It does however, have many pluses especially for those who simply need a prescription filled and is also a tremendous benefit for those who live remotely, especially in countries like Australia.

Its primary advantages are that it takes away the need to travel unnecessarily, employment downtime and cost.  The inconvenience factor is removed by Tele Health, and when coupled with online pharmacies, it certainly will only grow in popularity moving into the future.

You Still Need a Doctor?

Whilst we embrace Tele Health patients should proceed with caution.  Face to face medical consultations play an integral role in providing health care to patients.  It is unlikely in this lifetime that we will be able to experience remote pathology tests, temperature testing and the likes.

Medicos are concerned that with the combination of Dr Google, Tele Health and online pharmacies that some patients will opt to self-treat.   This may result in dire mis-diagnosis, over dose and potentially be a fatal decision.  Doctors will always remain the primary contact for providing medical treatment.

Do You Still Need a Pharmacy?

Online pharmacies offer the convenience of not only medications but a range of products delivered to your door. However, the face to face benefit of a pharmacist’s expertise should not be dismissed.  Sadly, today major companies have taken place of the smaller independent chemists especially in Australia.  They are well worth supporting so they don’t disappear.

What Direction is Australia Heading?

Without a doubt tele health will ultimately perform a significant role in the community as we embrace technology and online shopping.

It will also free up doctor’s waiting rooms and in turn hopefully provide more patient comfort for those who need to visit a clinic.  This is a major benefit for those who have experienced long delays in booking an appointment.  Not to mention being exposed to waiting rooms potential or contamination.

Our Conclusion

Tele medicine is here to stay and administered well it will provide patients with an excellent health outcome in most cases.  Providing essential care to patients in the comfort of their own home, whilst aiding the risk of the spread of COVID-19.