Are You Considering Inflatable Penile Prosthesis?

Inflatable penile implantOral medication is considered the first step in taking care of any ailment ranging from migraine to tuberculosis, but what do you do when medication is not enough?  Erectile dysfunction is a serious condition, when the pills don’t work is an implant the answer?

An inflatable penile prosthesis could be the answer!  It works by simply inserting an inflatable, malleable rod with a pump in the penis to control erection and allow for sexual intercourse.  Implants are successful in men who can not achieve erections through medication.  The procedure, which doesn’t reverse, one may consider the last option when all other treatments have failed.

Why Should I Consider Inflatable Penile Prosthesis?

Any inflatable penile prosthesis should consider a plan Z. When every other method of curing erectile dysfunction has failed or proven to be less effective. The inflatable penile prosthesis can be very painful after surgical processes but is completely effective and brings high sexual satisfaction to both partners. It doesn’t affect sexual performance either.

How Does the Inflatable Penile Implant Work?

The inflatable penile implant consists of two malleable cylinders, an abdominal fluid reservoir, and a scrotum pump. These three parts have their specific functions and they are;

  • The Cylinders:  Helps maintain an erection. The cylinder connects to the pump and the abdominal reservoir. Which allows the fluid to flow freely into the penis and makes penetration easier. These cylinders can increase in size to make erection look more natural.
  • The Abdominal Reservoir: Stores the fluid responsible for making the cylinder make your penis erect functional. This fluid represents the blood that should normally flow into the penis.
  • The Scrotum Pump: This is in charge of the whole fluid circulation process. It is the main control for maintaining and attaining an erection. It represents the arteries that should normally allow blood flow into the penis.

To get an erection, when all surgical processes are complete. The pump placed in the scrotum sack squeezes a few times to tap in fluids from the reservoir into the cylinder. Thus making the cylinder erect and allowing you to get your own erection.

The mechanism is quite easy and self-explanatory, it’s as easy as putting gas into your car.

Understanding the Surgical Procedure

The surgical process of getting a penile implant could be painful. But you may use local anesthesia to help you feel numb during the whole process.

The surgeon makes an incision at the base of the penis and right above the scrotum sack where they connect. Then another opening into one of the erection chambers initiates and the tissues in the erection chambers dilate (made wide) down to the end of the erection chamber at the pelvis bone. Dilation of these muscles also makes upwards, towards the head of the penis. The cylinder is gently set up with an extender going down into the pelvis. And the incision closes with the second cylinder placed in the same manner as the first.

The pump buries deep into the scrotum sac and connects to the cylinder. The surgeon makes another incision through the original incision to place the abdominal fluid reservoir close to the bladder. And the abdominal fluid reservoir fills with saline solution then a connection establishes between the reservoir and the pump. Then all tissues are closed.

How do I recover from Inflatable Penile Prosthesis (After Surgery Therapy)?

The recovery process is vital for success and following instructions provided by your doctor is paramount.

Pain relievers and antibiotics are compulsory prescriptions to prevent infections and ease the pain you feel. One should completely avoid Sexual intercourse within the first few weeks after the surgery. Here are a few tips for recovering fast:

  1. Eating a balanced diet: Taking enough meals and fruits that will help you heal faster is very necessary. Fruits are also mandatory. Take enough vegetables, lean meat, milk, and cheese to make the healing process quicker and easier.
  2. Resting for the first few days: One should not carry Hectic activities for the first 2-3 days. Heavy tasked activities can damage the whole stitches and the pelvic region as a whole. Avoid running or jogging. Light walks and exercises allow in this situation.
  3. Using the prescribed drugs: There are no cheat days in surgery, every prescription and one should take the proper dosage, properly followed, and not ignored it to make the whole healing process quicker.
  4. Never use the implant until told to do so: Avoid putting it to the test until you got a go-ahead from your doctor days after stitches have been removed. Using the whole device before being given a go-ahead can lead to complete damage to the penis and torn stitches.

The recovery process is all on you and you can make it quicker if you listen to the rules given to you by your doctor.

What are the Risks of Inflatable Penile Prosthesis?

Just like every other surgical process, having an inflatable penile prosthesis has its own risks too. Some of these risks are;

  1. The devices could get infected: If the devices used are not properly sterilized or get exposed a few minutes before surgery, they have to be sterilized properly. If you notice the infection after surgery has taken place, the device has to be removed. And doctors will reschedule the surgery.
  2. Device failure: The devices used are just like every other machine and can be subject to malfunctioning or failure. In this case, a new device is used as a replacement and surgery has to take place again.
  3. Surgical injuries: It is possible that there might be frequent bleeding after all surgical processes and a separate surgery would have to be carried out.
  4. The pump or abdominal fluid reservoir might change positions and go far beyond where they suppose to.

However, these risks have slight chances of happening, they don’t frequently occur or do not expect to occur at all. An inflatable penile prosthesis has a high success rate. After this surgery, you should not use other erectile dysfunction treatments. They will definitely prove ineffective. The penile implant can assure you of a long-lasting erection. This is just like you did before the whole penile impairment. you should not underestimate it.

Disclaimer:  The information contained in this article or external links are to be used as a reference only. They are not intended or to be used as medical advice or a substitute.  Always consult your physician.